Find your UK driving test centre's routes.

In 2010 with the introduction of independent driving on the test, the DSA has removed all driving test routes from its website. Many other sites now have broken links to these removed web pages. has all the original test routes available for download. Just find your centre and get the test routes now!

Learner drivers preparing for the DSA practical car assessment ideally want to practice all possible driving test routes used by their particular driving test centre. After all, knowledge and experience of an area, its roads and junctions makes passing all that much easier. Local knowledge is key. Prior to 2011 it was normal practice to take a test candidate on some of the routes that the examiner might take you on giving you a better chance of passing the driving test.

There are many good reasons why you might want to drive on some of the driving test routes, examples are: if you had learnt in a different area you may not have had experience of local multi-lane roundabouts, junctions controlled by traffic lights, different speed limit (70mph) dual carriage ways or country lanes. Many learners who have booked a driving test in a centre, have done so because they can get an earlier date or a late cancellation but still want to pratcise on the routes where they will be doing their driving manoeuvres.

So by looking over all the old test routes for your driving test centre at you will be able to see the area your driving test centre covers plus all the junctions, road markings and potential hazards. Before you start going on driving test routes, make sure you have all the basic skills and manoeuvres,

And once you have covered the entire dsa syllabus for the practical car assessment, then you are ready to tackle your local driving test centre's routes.